2011 Trophy Whitetail Hunting Pictures

December 16, 2011 

By Brandon Wikman If I were to guess – I am certain that I’m not the only hunter with hundreds of trail-camera images of bucks cluttering my laptop’s desktop. My computer has an endless maze of archives with a never-ending assortment of folders dating back to my very first Moultrie images when I was twelve years old. This year, I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorite Moultrie pictures of giant whitetail bucks on a property that I hunt. PICT0073 copyEarly seasons bucks are absolutely gorgeous. The whitetail’s sleek muscular body, combined with the light summer coat and velvety headgear, make for an amazing picture. This buck scored in the high 180's and was taken by a lucky hunter on the adjacent property during the latter part of fall. PICT0173 copyThe next photo is of a giant ten point in early August. This buck poses in front of the Moultrie and really shows his mass and width. I like this photo because it provides the exclusive behind the scenes look at some of nature’s most amazing spectacles in early season. If it weren’t for a set of batteries strapped into a technologically advanced motion sensing photography system on the ready 24/7, we’d never know that some of these giants roam our property across the country. PICT0151My last photo of choice exemplifies the incredible value of having an infrared camera. This eleven-point buck shows his dominance in front of the camera. Trail-cameras provide an immense amount of data about whitetails’ daily characteristics and lifestyle trends. It’s almost like breaking into the mystical culture of North America’s most popular big game species. I will always find a photograph to be truly spectacular in so many ways. I urge everyone to use these tactical devices to help improve your own hunting insight and increase the storage on your very own memory bank!


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