Why Do We Deer Hunt? – Part 1

December 27, 2011 

By Brandon Wikman Have you ever had someone ask why you deer hunt? If so, you are not alone and should be at the top of your game to reassure non-hunters why we partake in the sport. Deer hunting is needed to control the herd population because deer and vehicle collisions are at an all time high. The belief and support of deer hunting is essential to our future. Deer kill 1Did you realize that North America’s deadliest creature is a whitetail deer? They’ve killed more people than sharks, snakes and bears combined. According to the article “Deer accidents are often now covered,” written by Christine Dugas, a writer for USA Today, states 200 people die each year from deer and car collisions. Deer have made a booming population boost throughout America over the last century. It is our job as mankind, to understand that the only way to successfully control and manage deer is through hunting. Deer and vehicle accidents are always extremely high. According to a recent study from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 17, 555 reported cases of Wisconsin deer and vehicle collisions in 2005. There were as many as 664 people who were injured and 12 people actually died. That isn’t counting the 41,000 deer carcasses removed by the DNR from the roadsides that went unreported. There are over 1.5 million accidents nationally. There are over 29,000 people injured nationally. Vehicle insurance premiums have risen due to such accidents. Drivers who live in high deer populations pay more for their insurance. Many insurance companies don’t cover deer damages unless you have comprehensive insurance, which is more expensive. One estimate shows that deer damage results in $1.1 billion in claims. The average collision claim is $2,800, while injuries run $10,000. Deer and vehicle collisions happen the most during cold months. People hit more deer in the fall season than any other time of the year. During November, deer are breeding and bucks are chasing does. Accidents are more likely to occur during the rutting season during the early morning and late evening. Deer play a major role in roadway accidents across the country. I can only hope that this gives you a little insight for the next time someone ask you why you support hunting. Wildlife are granted a fair chance to survive and live freely. It’s our job as citizens to control and manage animals for the betterment of their future and ours.


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  1. Scott Luetticke on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 12:03 pm 

    Good post. I run a Game Management area in Missouri and am always interested in what is being said and the hunting experiences people are looking for and having out there. Thanks for taking the time to post about why people hunt. Thanks!

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